Friday, August 28, 2009

POV is definitely not ‘pink’!

Female Bloggers seldom impress me! Most of them blog about things that are  inconsequential to their audience and socially irrelevant. Who would want to read about what you are wearing for your friend’s birthday party? Who would want to know how your Pomeranian  is recuperating after giving birth to ten cute puppies? Who would want to read about how you answered a quiz your friend has sent you? Who would want to read their unforgivably shallow analysis of media hypes and soap serials? Who would want to read their pseudo-romantic ‘pink’ poems? The best that some Female Bloggers can give is when they are out to set ‘the men of the species’ right. As they are doing it, they are found incapable of getting out of those clichéd, self-righteous feministic patterns.

There are of course, a few exceptions. And POV is an exception. I found POV, a blog, as I was hunting 191494250_0771f1aabb_mfor reviews of the recent ‘BJP-Jaswant Spat’. I found Harini Calamur alias Gargi’s elaborate and straightforward piece on “The BJP Fascination with Jinnah – not surprising” As she explained why she thinks BJP and Jinnah share a similar ideology and it has got nothing to do with religion, I couldn’t help but agree.
What I found very interesting about Gargi is that she calls a spade a spade. That is one quality that does not come easily to women, let alone Female Bloggers. She does not mince words and try and sound always politically correct. Look at how she describes herself:
“Harini Calamur - Film Maker, TV Producer, Businesswoman, writer, blogger, teacher and the main slave to an imperious hound.”
Oh Man! I liked ‘the main slave to an imperious hound’ part the best! Even the best of feminists cannot get that right the way Gargi got it right in one stroke. She is indeed a writer and a blogger, a class apart from the rest.

Look at her reaction to the recent raw on SRK Detention in US:
Maybe, Mr.Shah Rukh Khan – or any other celeb- ought to take the Paris Hilton route with news channels. You have used my image, and my name to make money – pay me ! Seriously.
What you read above is just an example of how Gargi kicks social and political anomalies right in the butt. No ‘pardon mes’ asked. 

What I liked the most about POV is that there is nothing ‘pink’ about that blog.   

Update: In my excitement, did I read 'main slave to an imperious hound" wrong? Never mind! Which ever way, that line is awesome! Even this doesn't make POV pink!

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