Monday, August 24, 2009

Reading Ouchmytoe!

It is tough to be accepted as a 'funny writer', especially when you are hell bent on being called one. I have read many bloggers embarking upon this perilious journey of trying to be funny but never reaching there. Some of them end up as slapstick comedians whom people never read for the fear of turning into brainless bimbos. Some of them can't get the lewd sexual innuendo out of their scheme of jokes because they too like Neha Dupia believe 'only sex and Sharuk sells.' Some of them end up repeating some pattern over and over again that you know what they are up to the moment you read the post title and bounce off elsewhere. The great thing about Ouchmytoe, a blog I came across a few weeks ago, is that the author does all the three things I have mentioned here, yet manages to keep his readers interested.

It is obvious that Jammy is trying his best to be funny. He does not pretend he is not! And sure, he makes you laugh quite often. The first time around, he makes you laugh like all the hell broke lose and you are in the midst of it. The second time around, you read him with an I-know-it-all smile and burst into giggles at the first opportunity. I think his trick of pulling his family into what he writes is what makes it work. Otherwise, how would you explain the success of a funny blog that was launched in 2003? Comedians never last this long, do they?

What I liked the most about Ouchmytoe is Jammy's Woody Allen like oneliners. Read a sample: "But today when I sit down to write on how to manipulate a woman, I know it will be difficult task. I might fail to deliver (expected, isn’t it? On which planet do men deliver?)" Read another: "Sucking up to your boss can take you places. But it can’t take your mom places too…so when my mother wanted to see the Taj Mahal, I had to plan the trip myself." Read another: "Three times I've been mistaken for Robert Redford. Each time by a blind person." Now, if I ask you to identify which of these quotes are taken from Ouchmytoe and which of these are taken from Woody Allen, would you be able to tell me, without Googling of course and if you are not a Woody Allen Fan? I tried the test with one of my friends and he was not able to spot the difference.

And I also liked the fact that he never makes it so complicated and outright cynical. I think comedians who go easy on others and hard on themselves win many a heart. Jammy simply does that. He never loses a moment to laugh at himself, though by doing that he is poking fun the upper middle class existence in India. I like the idea that this funny blogger lets us step on his toe and cries out 'Ouchmytoe' often to make us laugh!


  1. Hey! Thanks for introducing me to Jammy and Ouchmytoe. Great blog.
    I try to blog humor too - observational humor in mundane life mostly.
    Do take a look at

  2. sorry there was a typo in the link it is :

  3. Thanks for reading Ajinkya :) I'll certainly read your post. I love people who can cut a joke though i'm not so good at it ;)

  4. Very interesting blog. A lot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that attract others, but I'm most definitely interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know.