Friday, August 21, 2009

Sr. Jesme's Amen: How 'unputdownable' is it?

I try not to buy books that are purposefully written to cash in on the controversy it is expected to create as they usually end up as disappointing reads, written in a boring language, peppered with soft or hard porn and some people bashing. That is the reason why I never bought Amen, when it was first published in Malayalam and later published in English. Because I know reading the reviews of such books are enough to get an idea about what the book is about. But it is written somewhere that I should read the book. A friend of mine gave it to me a few days back and pagedIN made me read it.

As I finished reading the book, the word 'unputdownable' caught my attention. Is "Amen -the Autobiography of a Nun" by Sr. Jesme 'so well written and entertaining as to be difficult to put down' as she claims in her book? She wrote in the afterword to the 178 Page English Version of her Autobiography, first published in Malayalam:

"People found the book unputdownable, as one incident flowed into another. My sincerity and courage in sharing all my experiences, unmindful of the consequences, was commended."

Critics see it as a 'shocking account of life within the enclosure' Well, I don't think the book had anything to shock me. The sexual frustrations of nuns and priests, which is condemned in the book, is not very shocking because after all we are human beings and when celibacy is forced upon someone frustrations are the assured outcomes. The corruption and class distinction Sr. Jesme tries to bring out is not shocking either as I see organizations as a reflection of the society in which they operate and the Indian Social System is reeking with both. We are so used to these that it is not shocking any more. And I don't see 'Amen' as a plea for the reformation of the church. I see it more as the obviously plain account of a woman's gradual disillusionment about a system she believed in so much initially.

Of all the book, the only thing that shocked me is how the senior nuns reacted to Sr. Jesme's innocent answer to a trivial [serious] question, during her interview. When the Mother Superior asked Sr. Jesme, why she wanted to join convent in such a hurry, she replied as excited as she was: "I want to run to Him, leaving the water pot here itself, like how the Samaritan Woman in the Bible did, the moment she recognized Jesus to be her saviour." A loud laughter follows from the nuns. Had it not been for this 'loud laughter', the whole book would have sounded like something written by a woman who has a 'holier than thou attitude'. The 'loud laughter' triggered the disillusionment!

But is the book "unputdownable"? Is it well written and so entertaining that you will not put it down till you reach the last page? The fact that she is a nun and the hope that she is going to reveal the sexual escapades of the nuns and priests are the selling points of the book. Apart from that, the book is the plain narration of the boring life of an average Kerala [Indian] College Teacher, whose life is UGC, FIP and NAAC, and the petty office politics in which the narrator is always the victim.

But this does not play down Sr. Jesme's courage. Considering the cloistered Socio-cultural Mind-set of Malayalis, it is a wonder that this woman had the guts to stand up and say there is something wrong with the system, however unshocking it might be. It is great that this woman had the guts to get out of the system she did not like. It is also encouraging to know that, in spite of her disillusionment, she is trying to hold on to her belief system like dear life, the very same belief system that made her give this innocent answer during her interview: "I want to run to Him, leaving the water pot here itself, like how the Samaritan Woman in the Bible did, the moment she recognized Jesus to be her saviour."

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  1. Dr.Kant Clement GaikwadDecember 27, 2010 at 12:13 AM

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  2. To me it seems as if 'sequels' of 'moral corruption' in 'Religious robes' is rapidly progressing as a way of life , as Sr. Mary Chandy’s and Sr Florence Mary’s names are also added in the list of 'Victims' or 'Predators'... God only knows many more are yet to emerge from the darkest dungeons of Hell on earth. The poor nuns and gullible victims' voices will never be heard. I HATE THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH FOR 'THE INQUISITION' CRIMES AND ALL THAT CONTINUES UNABATED IN INDIA AND THE WORLD. AFTER ALL WEALTH, WINE AND WOMEN, ARE THE HALLMARKS OF THE MOTHER OF CHURCHES – The "ROMAN" C A T H O L I C CHURCH , THE MOST SCANDALOUS, WICKED, MISOGYNISTIC AND CORRUPT DOMAIN OF CHRISTIANITY IN THE WORLD. 'VATILEAKS' IS NOTHING BUT THE ‘TIP OF THE ICEBERG’. DR. SR. JESME IS A ‘REAL LIFE HEROINE’ TO ME ALONGWITH SR MARY CHANDY, SR FLORENCE MARY , SR ABHAYA, SR ANUPAMA MARY AND ‘ALL GULLIBLE AND VULNERABLE VICTIMS’ OF THE PREDATORS OF EVERY CHURCH ON THIS EARTH. DR.K.C.GAIKWAD 14.6.2012.INDIA

  3. What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.