Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where the hell is Sangnik Nandy?

Blogging is like falling in love with the same woman over and over again! Some of us hold on for a long while and at least pretend that we love what we are doing. Yet, most of us lose interest halfway through and look else where. Those of you who are still blogging like there is no tomorrow, years after years, some of you right from the time when Google acquired Blogger, are fit to be called legends. Psychologists must study your brain to understand the anatomy of persistence. And if what the Neuro Lingustic Programming guys are saying is right, the secrets of your persistence in Blogging is fit be replicated by those of them who are in love, so that  a lot of people can lead lives 'happily ever after'!

Or may be, blogging is like sex in marriage. As time moves on and with increasing familiarity, the frequency wanes. [I'm not married, so I have no clue! That's what I hear people say!!] And for some of us, or most of us, at some point, posting comes to an  absolute standstill. There are hundreds of blogs out there, like unfairly ditched women, desperately silent,  probably because the authors found something else more amusing or worthwhile.

Now, why am I telling you all this? I'm telling you all this because, like I stated in my title, I am wondering, where the hell Sangnik Nandi is! I know, you are now wondering who the hell this Sangnik Nandi is and why the hell he deserves so much of attention. Right?

I know nothing else about him, except that he is a blogger. The man who used to write 'Random Thoughts from a Confused Mind' , till 2007. His final post was on October 7, 2007. It was on how people in India behaved in Cinema Halls and how a US-returned Sangnik Nandi found it repulsive. Yeh, you are right! Most of the blog is cynical rants on things believable and unbelievable. And most of it is about films, like his final post. Agreed, it is, as Sangnik says in his post, rant! What is so important about a blog that is mostly personal rants of a person who works and lives abroad and is in love with the colonial idea of Civilized West vs Not-so-civilized East? Agreed. Quite often, Sangnik sounds ASCD! ASCD? American Settled Confused Desi! [Okie, that is a twist on American Born Confused Desi, that film, you see!] Now these are people who abhor the idea of India!

True! There is a lot of India-bashing happening in 'Random Thoughts from a Confused Mind.' And often the blogger sounds like a teenager who does not like the idea of his family and thinks his friend's family is cool. In spite of this Sangnik is intriguing when it comes to the way he handles themes.

Let me give you an example. Look at 'Straight Talk!':

I think the society is strangely skewed in its choice of activities the sexes are allowed to do together. Every time I hit the malls, I see tons of women who come to shop by themselves. Two women, all dressed up, giggly, trying out different clothes and asking each other questions like "too short?", "too low?" "does my stomach show?". Perfectly fine. No one questions them and their motives. Now imagine two guys doing that. Imagine me walking into a store with my male friend and trying out a shirt and asking him "too tight?" "will this go with green?" Yeah!! You can't imagine that - can you?
Now, I think only a seasoned writer can punch below the belt this emphatically and still get away with it. True, Sangnik is trying his best in most of his post to sound funny, trying satire. His posts, more than they make you laugh or make you smile knowingly, make you think! That makes him a blogger worth reading.

And that makes me wonder, where the hell he is! I wish this guy continued to write!

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