Thursday, September 10, 2009

Write a letter to God!!

I think it is true that there is an innocent child trapped within every adult. A child who loves to believe in tooth fairies and Santa Clause. Otherwise, how would you explain two sites that are launched exclusively to allow people write letters to God!

One of them, permits you to write to God for free. I tried counting the number of letters to God so far. I am not surprised to see 18749 letters to God on the site so far and they are still writing.  Another, charges you $ 9.99 to place your letter to God. The second one is also about placing your letter as near to God as possible, The Western Wall in Israel. I don't know how many have sent a letter to God so far and got it placed at the Western Wall. From the look of things, I feel many have!

Looking at the sites, I remembered a story I read long long ago. It was in Malayalam. I forgot the name of the author and the title. [Sorry for that, if I had the story, I would have translated it so that you could read.] It was about a man who wanted to do business and make some money. And he wanted to come up with a brilliant idea that would make him stinking rich. He thought and thought. Looked at all his option. No, he did not want to work hard or did not want to risk spending a lot of money to build up a business. What if it did not work? In fact, he did not have enough money to build a business that made a lot of money.

What are the two things people can do when they do not have any money to live? One, go begging. Two, try and see if God will help you! Our hero chose the second option. He decided to see if God will help him! He placed an advertisement in a few newspapers the next day, which read like this:
Get rid of your worst fears and be blessed. Wear the 'Syamanthakam Mani'. Be successful in your romantic life, married life, business life, political life, physical life, etc, etc. Destroy your enemies and win over your beloved. Syamanthakam Mani is a bell that you can wear and all your sorrows will vanish. It is blessed by Swami Peeta from the valleys of Himalaya. Send us details of the specific solutions that you want and Swami Peeta will send you back a Syamanthakam Mani exclusively made to address your problem. The Syamanthakam Mani will be sent by post to those who send a MO of Rs. 20 to the following address. Please note, if you want us to send the Syamanthakam Mani overseas, add Rs. 10 extra towards postage.
 And the story goes on. Syamanthakam Mani was an instant hit and money started pouring in within a month. And it seems that the man diversified and expanded business to address many other issues in life.

We say it is 21st Century. And I just cannot imagine that people will start something like this and others would just believe. If you have $ 10 [that is what Google Charges for a domain name] and a Pay Pal Account [which comes for free] and some place to host your service you can start any business online. Even if the businesss does not exist, that is.


  1. Good information. Actually the sinner within the man or the laziness of the man give man such ideas.Some have really bad situations to handle and they just need somebody to rely on. So these people believe...

  2. That's exactly my take on religion too pra. Thanks for reading :)

  3. Wow!! Didn't knew about that!! I mean, sites to write letters to GOD!!
    Damn innovative!! Thanks for sharing this info!! :)

    PS: There's a surprise for you on my blog!

    Check it out! :)