Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tears of Love

"Tears of Love" is a poem by one of my very good friends, Donna Grace Jose. Donna is not a Blogger and I am not sure if you are going to read what Donna writes any time soon because she does not believe in publishing what she writes. It was by chance that I came across a few poems written by Donna and I really liked them them moment I read them. I tried to convince Donna to start writing a blog, but unfortunately she did not agree. Finally, after so many arguments and counter-arguments, Donna allowed me to publish "Tears of Love."

"Tears of Love" has Donna's signature and style on it. I would like to proudly present you "Tears of Love" by Donna Grace Jose, the first guest post on pagedIN. I am glad that the first guest post is a beautiful poem like "Tears of Love"

Tears of Love

i cry now,
for those times
for those faces
i miss

do they know,
my tears for them?

its a river now,
an endless river,
which will keep on flowing

Written by: Donna Grace Jose


  1. Hi Sojo, that was a beautiful guest post and thanks for the introduction of the nice personality liek Donna. if i could, i would request her to start blogging./.:) convey on behalf of me..:)

    I loved the title of this post too..:)
    i must say.. its a very nice template that u have got .>:) nice one.

  2. @ Roshmi - thanks for reading:)

    @ Pramoda - Thanks a lot for the encouragement. I hope Donna will start blogging. I hope this post and the encouraging words from people like you will make her give it a try :)

  3. Hope Donna will start blogging.. lovely poem :)

  4. Thanks for reading Aativas :) Even I hope she will start blogging.