Sunday, January 3, 2010

Shashi Tharoor spotted playing on Twitter

@ShashoTharoor playing # Twitronym with indian Tweeple
It was fun following Shashi Tharoor on Twitter today. Probably the Minister of States (External Affairs) got bored during Prime Minister’s Science Speech and the later meeting with KPCC leaders today and he started retweeting from ÜberTwitter what his fans on Twitter were tweeting him. It all started in the morning with Tharoor tweeting the acronyms, CURIE and INSPIRE, trying to establish how smart we Indians, including the Prime Minister, are with acronyms. PM’s ‘science speech’ featured INSPIRE (Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research) and CURIE (Consolidation of University Research, Innovation &Excellence). Tharoor’s followers on Twitter got inspired and started tweeting all possible expansions of Shashi, Tharoor and Twitter. Tharoor inaugurated the game, expanding Twitter as “Thoughts Which I Think That Everyone (should) Read” Followers followed suit, expanding Twitter, eulogizing Tharoor in every possible way. Soon some one re-christened acronym, in true Twitter Spirit, as #Twiteronym and rest is history. [Or should I say the rest is Twitry!]

Here are some samples of the retweets:
Thanks Viki! RT @viki0510: @ShashiTharooralternate acronym for TWITTER- Tharoor Wants India To Take Effective Responsibility
No comment on this acronymn! RT @vasanthpai: @ShashiTharoor or THAROOR WRITING INCESSANTLY TO THREATEN ESTABLISHMENT's RIGIDITY?
Will try to live up2this! RT @sgudey: @ShashiTharoor DearMinister,SHASHI - Smart and Hardworking Administrator Showering Hope for India(ns)
Even better!! RT @sarathvk: @ShashiTharoorTharoor's Wisdom In Tiny Texts Endlessly Reported :P
Good advice! RT @raghavsarathy: @ShashiTharoor (S)shouldn't (H)he (A)also (S)sit at (H)home (I)idle , if unwell. :-) My attempt
RT @amrith10: @ShashiTharoor TWITTER: Twitter- Where Innocent Tweets're Twisted Endlessly Round
Flattered! RT @arun4: @ShashiTharoorTWITTER = Tharoor Wins Indians Through Technology, Erudition & Reason.
I keep meaning to stop these RTs but good ones keep coming in! RT @MadHuman: #TWITronym The Web Invention That Tharoor Employs Regularly
Initially, I could not simply accept a Minister wasting valuable public-paid time to engage in silly games on Twitter. And I tweeted: “@ShashiTharoor is playing acronym with Indian tweeple. Cool way to engage citizens. (smiles)” On second thought,  I realized I should appreciate what Tharoor was doing. For an ordinary citizen like me, Ministers are people who avoid anything ‘cattle class"’, travel in air conditioned cars, sleep in air conditioned rooms and never available without previous appointments except during elections. And here is a Minister interacting (even if that means he was playing playing ‘inky pinky ponky’) with at least the people who have the luxury of using Twitter. Not bad I thought. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. At least he is spending quality time with Indian Tweeple, if not Indian People, one way or the other.
Update: Title changed! From @ShashiTharoor playing #Twitronym with Indian Tweeple :)


  1. I agree, unlike ministers and elected officials who forget the electorate if Tharoor engages them -- playfully at times, seriously when need be, it could set a tone. Obama does his YouTube addresses and that have helped him get his message across ...

  2. Thanks for reading Madhu. It is setting a tone. SM Krishna and Modi are on Twitter now :)

  3. I agree with you. Most of our Mantriji's interact with common people only to ask for votes. It is good that he is interacting with the average person. Also it shows he is educated and tech savvy unlike the average politician.

  4. Thanks for reading dreamer :) I wish more ministers find ways to interact with the common man like Tharoor is doing now :)

  5. i guess if he does his job as a minister, he should get enough time to play, relax, sleep or whatever.