Tuesday, February 23, 2010

no fairytale

I wrote this poem long ago and published it on Poem Hunter and forgot about it. A very dear friend of mine who always encourages me to write dug it up from the Internet and made a surprise comment where the poem was posted. Here it is, for the readers of pagedIN. Tell me what you think about it.

no fairytale

you are on another island, tonight.

we sat around of the fire,
all huddled together like a bundle of innocent dreams,
and grandma told the long tale of a prince,
[she was always so conveniently long about stories]
who climbed the mountains and crossed the seas
to reach where his princes was.
the wind blew softly on us and we could feel the heat of the wood burning, on our glowing, eager faces.

as here, years after, i sit on my terrace tonight and gaze into the starless night,
i wish i had a white horse,
a silver sword
and a magic mirror in which i could bring up your face.
i wish i could fly and be invisible and do everything i may need to be with you,
right now.

[when a young man is incapable of any heroism, the nights are cursed to bleed.]


  1. love to see ur excellent creation after years...

  2. That's a wonderful expression captured in a poem! Cool! :)

  3. :) Profound, a lot said in few words, nice :)

  4. oh yeah...just for one one moment we all would want to be cinderellas and her prince charmings ..well it is unfair that we cannot be,while all those fairy tale negative characters are easily available everywhere..cruel aunt and her daughters,the impostor vixen,the witch and so on...:) nice poem sojo..

  5. Very nice Poem mate...really thanks to your friend and you for sharing this to us.